Refresher Licence Training LF Forklift & LO Orderpicker From Absolute Forklift Training

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Our Training Centre 68 Mustang Drive Rutherford Newcastle 2320

What are LF Forklift and LO Order Picker Refresher Courses?

Thes are Skill / Driving and Knowledge of Regulations Training Courses for High Risk Work LF forklift and LO Order Picker licence holders.

How Long Are Refresher Courses?

Duration of our Refresher Training varies depending on your sites shifts and production times, normally it's from two to seven hours (depending on numbers enroled etc) and will be tailored to suit your pacific needs and covers all the following course content.

Safety Checks  And Machinery Fault Reporting For Operators

All operators are taken through our safety check list or one provided by your company . All procedures for reporting accidents and machinery damage and defects are fully explained and each operator is tested.

General Site Operating Procedures 

Practical driving procedures in regards to the safe use of your equipment and attachments are fully discussed and tested. All changes to recent regulations and law changes regarding operators current  LF and LO license's are also included.

Theory Assessments

All trainees have their competency evaluated with a  theory knowledge test to determine any gaps in their knowledge which may exist.

Operatoring Assessments

All trainees are taught proper safe driver operating procedures to the highest standards. They will also be taught what actions can occur for any infringements in regards to the operating of Forklifts and Order Pickers. Each operator will be tested for the competency required to meet current industry standards while operating their machinery.

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