Two Day Order Picker Licence Training Courses From Absolute Forklift Training Newcastle

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Order Picker Licence - LO Class TLILIC2002 - 2 Day LO Order Picker Courses & Assessment

Absolute Forklift Training run  Nationally recognised TLILIC2002 (LO Class) Order Picker  Courses, we run courses every week 7.30am to 3pm.  Our experienced qualified trainers will provide you with quality training and supervised practical experience for operating order pickers,turret trucks Manually steered, wired or guided rail. Weekends are available for group bookings please call to get further information.

 LO Order Picker Licence At Our Training Centre

This 2 day Order Picker course is for any person wishing to obtain the nationally recognised High Risk Work licence to operate an Order Picker (LO class). The course comprises of a theory and calculation sessions, followed by practical driving tuition and machine and equipment checks and assessment.

Absolute Forklift Training conduct training and testing for order pickers at our training centre in Seven Hills or onsite at your work place. Our course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to safely and competently operate an  LO order picking truck.

 Onsite LO Order Picker Training

This course is designed for companies that require their employees to complete the  LO training on the job at their current employment. Employer’s must agree to fill in all relevant areas of each student’s log book to maintain written practical proof of their driving participation, onsite, while working. Students are required to complete a competency based formal training course that covers areas such as WHS legislative requirements, verbal and practical demonstrations and instruction of all elements of the LO Order Picker Training and Assessment. This also includes the written exam on completion of their formal training. All our onsite courses are orientated towards the individual needs of your employees. Our instructors will work closely with your employees to ensure they get exactly the right individual attention needed to make the most from their training.

LO Order Picker Licence Course Overview

Absolute Forklift Training's LO Order Picker Forklift license course consists of all the theory, calculation and practical components.This course includes all the information and knowledge relating to all safe orderpicker operations and licence requirements. All practical driving aspects such as manuevouring around obstacles, placing loads and retrieving loads from different heights, handling emergency situations, correct parking of the machine, checking harnesses, lanyards and more will be covered during your course.

 At the end of your training a WorkCover Licence Test will be conducted by a WorkCover Accredited Assessor.

 Course Content:

  • Theory Study & Questions
  • Calculations
  • WHS Legislation
  • Plan Work
  • Hazard Control
  • Conduct Routine Safety Machine And Harness Checks
  • Shift Loads At Heights
  • Shut Down Equipment

  Course Pre-Requisites:

  • Ability to read and write basic english.
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have relevant WorkCover Approved 100 points of Identification
  • Must Not Be Scared of Heights.

Assessment Carried Out To National Licencing Standards

  • Theory Assessment
  • Calculation Assessment
  • Practical Demonstration & Assessment

For more information on which course is best suited to you simply speak to one of our helpful staff at Absolute Forklift Training on Ph: 1300 271 399

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